Lexus SUV Commercial

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There's this older Lexus commercial that was on a while back and it shows and Lexus RX maybe? I dunno, but it was some Lexus SUV. Anyway, the car is driving through what it looks to be like a mountain landscape of some sort out in the middle of nowhere, like a moutain back country. The song in the background playing is that of a piano, playing some kind of modern-downtempo song. If you would, could someone tell me the name of the song?
The recording company that created this music is called "Machine Head". Mark Killian was the composer/singer of the piece, and works solely for Machine Head. The scratch track was based off music by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. They do have a CD, and it is track #1, the name of the CD is unknown. It is not the final music in the "Luxury Test" spot, but it should be pretty close.The music for this was created just for that spot and is only 30 seconds long.

This is per the Lexus website. I think I remember the commercial you speak of and if the piano piece you refer to has a bossa/nova or brazilian style to it then check out Aguas de Marco on "Elis and Tom".