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whats is the song used in the lexus commercial where the guy is driving in a round about,,, he is waiting for the perfect time to exit, it shows him squint his eyes, put his foot on the gas, and then is shows his rpms, then he exits...

I belive its a women singing, (humming)


(its driving me crazy)
just saw it again, a different one with no round about it is a lexus is350

song sounds kinda italian??
I am looking for the soundtrack for the Lexus ad. I can't make out the model number. They didn't write it on the screen either.

The tune is some classical piece, but instead of one of the instruments (i think it was piano) they used female voice. That goes over some break-beat/rock type drum line.

Nothing special happens in the commercial to distinguish it. The car just drives around and that's all.

The ad runs on CTV news channel in Canada. Maybe other channels too, but that's where I've seen it several times.
Yes, sorta... Not singing for sure. It's not really humming either, it's the "ahh" sound :)
is it the one where it split screens different parts of the car but still makes them look like they go together?
Originally posted by Rubberband Man@Nov 1 2005, 08:53 AM
is it the one where it split screens different parts of the car but still makes them look like they go together?
Nah, that's not the one. I know which one you are talking about though. It's available online on some other site, but you have to pay to see it. The one I am talkng about I was unable to find.
I'm not sure if we are talking about the same ad but if we are then it is a lady's voice huming melodically. I too want to know what this song is i can't get it out of my head. Ironically I heard this song when I was a kid in a french movie called Mariés de l'an II, Les (1971). I believe it is the theme to that movie.
I will post back if I find anything.
I think the car you're talking about is the IS350 and it is a woman humming melodically?. I'm looking all over for that song but no luck yet. I will post if I find anything. It sounds very similar to a movie theme from an old french movie but I want this new version.
Hi there,

I was looking for that song also. I'm not sure if it's the good one since I haven't seen the ad twice. But I accidently stumbled upon a song called Theme From Mahogany from an old movie. The song was sung by Diana Ross, then later by J-Lo and Mariah Carey also . It's a classic. The remixed version heard on this ad (maybe...I'm not sure), could be the one featured on Toby Mac's Remix Momentum CD, called Do you Know [McAnanyRemix].

I hope it's the right tune, you guys could try it out.
I'm sorry if I mislead anyone. :( I really hope it's the good one since I'm trying to dl it too.
not sure.. I was doing some searching for this tune, came up with a couple of things:

"Martin Grech was doomed ever since he agreed to have his song Open Heart Zoo on an international Lexus car advert. Doomed to be refered to as "of ad fame"

"Grech's second album is totally void of anything that sounds like Open Heart Zoo, from it's scortching opener, "Guiltless" which has an orchestral section which would do Krystyoff Penderecki proud, to the understated sketch of it's bonus track, "Sun", Unholy has not one piano lead song, or a song with lead falsetto vocals, or infact a song which has been used on an advert. Unholy is an obvious attempt to shed the Lexus albatross, still, it doesn't dissapoint

maybe this will help
I don't believe its Italian, It has an Indian/Middle Eastern rythm to it. I too am INLOVE with that song.. and i'm also searching for it!! Where are those people that give you links to the exact song? They need to visit this thread!!!
I'm also looking for that song and I'm pretty sure we're thinking of the same commercial.

the song is actually a piece of classical music (like Mozart, Bethoven or Haendel mainstream kind of stuff) hummed by a woman. I thought what made it even more interesting was the middle eastern spice they sprinkled on top of that. But for the life of me I can't remember the name of the darn thing or who composed it...

I'll try to find the video somewhere (or resort to PVR capture) if I can't find it anywhere else. If you get more news, I'd love to know too !
I just watched the add and noted a few details about it:
  • it's starts with Lexus standing on an intersection in some country side, nothing but fields around
  • The Lexus drives through fields. Camera shown from different angles (left, right, back, front, you know.. the classic car commercial :))
  • then there is a voice-over "There is fast and then there is super fast"
  • they show some unshaved, smiling dude shifting gears and other cheesy moments
  • fades out to a black screen with just "Lexus". No model, no specs, no prices, just the logo itself.
P.S. I will try to find all the song you mentioned and report back here.
Awesome, egerie! That is the one. I knew it was some classical piece, but just don't know much about it, so I didn't know the name :)

I am going to try and find the remix. I will let everyone know here if I find it.
Hey moltar. I've been looking everywhere on the net but still nothing. I'm thinking of tracking down the advertising agency and ask them directly. In the meantime, I put my little DJ sis on that elusive trance track. :ph34r:

We'll find it !