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I'm trying to figure out the instrumental music from the newest Lexus IS 300 ad. I first saw the commercial during Monday Night Football this week (10-17-05). It starts with the (now typical) Lexus push-button start and the sweeping tach gage needle. It follows with multiple, simultaneous shots on the screen. Fast paced ad and the music is modern and high-intensity.

Thanks for the help.
If nobody seems to know what the song is - can someone suggest an alternative site that might have more resources to find out such a thing? I've done some Google work, but this forum was the best I could find.

Sorry, I can't find any as of yet. Even AdCritic has only older spots. I'm hoping someone will have seen the commercial I'm talking about and immediately recognize the tune. What kills me is that I'm positive that I've heard the instrumental portion before...I just don't recall where. Ugh!
Yeah I'd like to find that one too - most likely something done only for the commercial..
No. It's definitely commercially available music. I'm positive I've heard it elsewhere. Plus, Lexus regularly uses contemporary music. It's cheaper to buy the licensee for a song than it is to compose and produce anything even remotely as good. And you can forget about Garageband or Soundtrack, from Apple. Those riffs are completely identifiable. You mostly hear those things on promos for Discovery Channel and History.
Sorry for being so persistent. I'm going to keep this up until someone can chime in and help. Thanks.
Dude look around you, the people that do know stuff post. So I'm sure if anyone knows the tune we're looking for, they will post. ;)
Hey bud, I'm not saying people aren't willing to help. I'm just making sure that this thread stays near the top and doesn't disappear into oblivion. Simple as that. I'm appreciative of any kind of help on forums like this one.
Hi there, I too have been looking for the name of this song with no such luck. If i had to guess it sounds very much like Cirque du Soleil song. But that is just a guess. BTW just to help others the tv ad is for the Lexus IS350 (IS300 is the old car it replaces).
Oh never mind my reply...the ad i saw had different music. Much more electronic and with out guitars. Guess its a different Lexus IS350 ad.
I believe it was by Ratatat. Try listening to one or all of these songs and see if it is; I only caught the tailend of the ad so I may not even be talking about the same ad:

"El Pico"
"Spanish Armada"
I listened to those three songs by Ratatat and none of them appear to be the same song featured in the Lexus ad.
No information at that website either.

Has anyone tried contacting their local Lexus dealership or Lexus' national number?
I just saw the commercial. The distinguishing part of the song that many of you are talking about sounds exactly like the part that comes 24 seconds into "somewhere I belong" by Linkin Park. Perhaps this songs is some kind of remix of "somewhere i belong". If not maybe this little tidbit can help someone find out what song it is.