Lara Croft Tomb Raider


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I have this cd a friend gave me that has a mix of songs. On it is this unknown song.
I remember once hearing it at the end of a movie... during the credits.

Any help would be appreciated.
Does anybody know the song that's playing in the first Tomb Raider when Lara first walks into the hanger before they leave for Siberia? It's also playing when they're in the helicopters and when they first land in Siberia and it shows them in slo-mo walking up the hill with the helicopters in the background. It's got a rock-techno sound to it but there are no lyrics. Any help on this would be much appreciated!
Hi! I'm looking for the song played when Laura come back from stealing time and she's twisting the knife towards the bad guy. It's just music and I think humming, it's really purty
Ok so in the scene (the first movie) where lara is paddling in a boat (she is like in asia) this really pretty music comes on that seems really ethnic, whats the name of the song/artist that plays during this scene?