Kohl's fall clothing


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i was wondering what the song and who sings or band for that matter the Kohls fall clothing commercial. i'm guessing its a woman singing but hey ya never know. if anyone can help that would be great! ! :blink:
theres another commercial out for kohls for their fall clothing. the song sorta goes like this: this is now da da da da da da repeat the line the it goes into come on join the celebration. if anyone has any leads on who sings this or a title let me know! ! !
i have bad news for you... but Kohls say its made just for the ad
Seems like all Kohl's commercials are like that... which is a shame because they have one that's been on recently with a very upbeat, catchy tune with the lyrics "This is now. This is the best. Let's have fun.", etc that always gets stuck in my head. Again, it was only made for them though, you can't even find out who sings it. :(
aww see now i'm depressed. they should put it on a cd or on their website so we can get it as an mp3 file. bummer bummer bummer. all i can say is kohls you have let me down. but kudos on the good ad.
I know that in some of the radio ads the music is by a band called "The Apples in Stereo", though they don't call thenselves that for the purposes of the ad. So Kohls was either being slightly dishonest in calling them studio musicians, or honoring the band's wishes. Anyway, I don't think the song itself is available, but the rest of their music is just as bright and poppy. Personally, I think they're great.