1. Cindy90210


    There is a song from a recent kohl's commercial that I need to know. It goes - when I've got nothing left to give...but baby you're the only. that's all I know but I don't know what the song is called. Also people are dancing in the commercial and One girl in the commercial I saw had a yellow...
  2. S

    Kohl's "Coming Home to You" holiday

    There is a Kohl's Christmas commercial featuring watches with the lyrics, "This holiday, I'm coming home to you." Does anyone know what song this is?
  3. D

    Kohl's 2-Day Sale

    It's a video ad for some type of 2-day sale they're having this weekend. I've only seen this ad while watching content on Hulu plus. The song that plays during this ad is some electronic/dance track with no lyrics. I'd really like to know what it is. Thanks. :)
  4. G

    Kohl's "This Is Our Night" Authentic Icon American Idol

    Kohl's has a new commercial advertising the fact they have partnered with Authentic Icon and American Idol fashions. The commercial starts with a scene of a movie marquee that says "This Is Our Night". The song playing during the commercial appears to also be titled "This Is Our Night. I've...
  5. ltgeneralkasty

    Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can identify the song playing in the background for the launch of Lauren Conrad's new Kohl's clothing line. thanks in advance.
  6. S


    Anyone know the song used in the latest Kohl's commercial? Had the words "cherry wine" in it. I saw it during "The Mentalist". Thanks, Slickjoe
  7. M

    Kohl's Latin spanish

    I just heard a Kohl's commercial today on the spanish-speaking channel. It had a great song in the commercial. Sounded cuban or puerto rican to me. The commercial features a lady dancing in a red dress. Please tell me about this song!
  8. D

    Kohl's "Beautiful Things" holiday

    It says something about "beautiful people,beautiful things". That's all I remember.
  9. krokgal


    May be a tad outdated. Female singer. "...hold on a little bit tighter now baby...". Anyone know the song? The Singer? Etc? Thanks! -Jennifer.
  10. M

    Kohl's "Tighter, Tighter"

    Kohl's "Tighter, Tighter" there is a new kohls commercial out there, with a cover version of tighter, tighter...anyone know who sings it? it almost sounds like sheryl crow... i haven't found the commercial on youtube yet...i'll post a link if i see it.
  11. W

    Kohl's "We're All in This Together"

    Kohl's "We're All in This Together" i just saw kohls newest commercial today for the first time and i really like the song. Its a male singer and he keeps singing we're all in this together. I don't know if its a song made just for the commercial or a real song. Anyone hear it yet?
  12. R

    Kohl's "De-Lovely" holiday

    Kohl's "De-Lovely" holiday Does anyone know if I can get the Kohls Commercial song De Lovely by cole porter that they are playing for all their Ads this year? I am a huge fan of this song and would love this version! Brian :D
  13. C

    Kohl's in-store

    i heard a song but i dont know the name of it but i heard some of the lyrics, the chorus went something like [with male singer]: "Safe here in your arms, there's nothing to it" which was repeated, then some of the other lyrics i heard: "Where are you now...the moments you sparkled in the...
  14. R

    Cover of Danka Shoen from Khol's Commercial?

    Does anyone know who did the cover for Neil Diamond's Danka Shoen that's featured in the new Khol's commercial? thanks!
  15. cavagnac

    Kohl's "In a Big Country"

    Kohl's "In a Big Country" I just saw a commercial that had a slowed down cover of "In a big country" and I was wondering if anyone knows who is covering it. I checked the itunes lists and didn't hear any similar version...
  16. C

    Kohl's Tony Hawk Clothing Line

    Kohl's Hawk Clothing Does anyone know the song played for the Hawk Clothing for Kohls Commercial? It's kind of punk sounding. Thanks!
  17. G

    Kohl's "You Can Do Anything" contest

    Kohl's "You Can Do Anything" contest Anybody know anything about the song from the new KOHL's commercial? - The song goes..."yada-yada..something-something, you can do anything...yada-yada" - - ok - yeah, that should about do it. thanks bye
  18. D

    Kohl's President's Day sale

    Hello. Recently started seeing ads for the Kohls Presidents Day sale ... Recognized the music ... Wanted to share ... Song: "It's Your Thing" - most notably by the Isley Brothers Enjoy! There you go.
  19. S

    Kohl's "Get Ready"

    this ad by kohls has been coming on the tv continuously to drive me nuts :blink: this song is an old song by the temtations, "get ready" but is redone for this commercial by a female, maybe a group? thank you for any help
  20. S

    Kohl's "She Blinded Me With Science"

    The music is from the 80's, but a remix. It has to do with a classroom and looking through a beaker to see a girl in different outfits.