Kodak "Why Can't We Be Friends" 2001


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Kodak "Why Can't We Be Friends" 2001

Hi, I really hate to ask of something this old, but I think it was pretty popular.
There was a Kodak commercial where a girl takes up pictures of different people in school, and glues them up together(punks and cheerleaders, nerds and bulleys etc) and all that under the famous "Why can't we be friends".
Back then there was a bunch of topics all over the web, but I didn't find an answer back then, and now I somewhy remembered this song.
It's pretty famous, the song. There is a number of versions of this song, but all sang by men.
It goes 'why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends' 2x.
I've tried searching here and searching in other search engines, but this must be too old, because I found nothing.
The song is simply called "Why Can't We Be Friends" and was originally done by a group called War. A popular cover version was done by Smashmouth (link goes to available audio sample, track 2).
This Kodak commercial sounds similar to the "why cant we be friends commerical". It is probably about a year old and its for a Kodak Picture CD . In this commercial a girl goes around the school and takes pictures of other people like cheer leaders and gothic girls then she goes home and on her computer she cuts out the outline of her head and is going to put it over another persons body then her friend takes the mouse and puts it back on the right body. The music in the commercial is from mainly a guitar i think, its just like lite rock and there is no vocalist till the end when a woman just starts saying "do do do.. etc." no real words. It wasnt able to view on the Kodak website when i looked but that was a while ago im not sure now.
You sure it's not just a woman humming/do-doing to the tune of "Why Can't We Be Friends"?

How long ago was the ad out?
yeah, i just listened to that song, both the one by war and smashmouth and im positive its not that song. It was out probably about a year ago maybe a little more
oh and i remembered the name of the commercial, its Kodak - "Jane"
I just went and listened to it and .........no clue. :(
Thanks Logan!

Now just need to know if it's a full track, or the 30 seconds in the clip is all there is to it.