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    Kodak Printer Infomercial

    Hello all, there was a Kodak printer infomercial a few years back that had a song played throughout it that went something like: "Live for the moment, breathe for the moment, We only get one chance to make it last for this moment in my life." I haven't been able to find any trace of it. Anyone...
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    Kodak kids at museum

    Im trying to find the song off of that Kodak commerical(at least I think it was Kodak) where its the people holding the pictures of other people and it has piano music in the background! Someone help! :P
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    Kodak "Why Can't We Be Friends" 2001

    Kodak "Why Can't We Be Friends" 2001 Hi, I really hate to ask of something this old, but I think it was pretty popular. There was a Kodak commercial where a girl takes up pictures of different people in school, and glues them up together(punks and cheerleaders, nerds and bulleys etc) and all...