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Anyone know the name and artist of the song that's featured in the Know commercial, dubbed RecRoom, currently airing on Viacom partner channels (MTV, VH1, et cetera)?

Thanks, for any help.
First of all, thank you Lamb for even giving us a link to see the ad -- cause as usual I haven't seen this one yet, and otherwise would be of no help. :)

Here's a link to the page with all the ads, in case others want to see them...

So, anyway... The song is called "Elephant Woman" by Blonde Redhead. You can find it on the album "Misery is a Butterfly." Links go to available audio sample, track 1.
I am trying to figure out the song and artist that is used in a "Know HIV" ad. It is the add that has an African American woman, hugging with a White man in a rec room. It is a slower-ish song that says something like "I can see it in...." in a very whimsical tune. Thanks in advance for any help!! :)
Have a look at this previous thread.

The commercial you are referring to is the one called 'RecRoom'.

The name of the track is 'Elephant Woman' by BLONDE REDHEAD.

Listen to a full streaming sample here.
I saw this commercial a while ago and in it was black woman and a white man as i recall and they were touching eachother and there was a song playing that i have been trying to find for a loooong time

it's a knowing is beautiful hiv/aids commercial that played on MTV

if anyone knows...TELL ME
In this ad, shown only on MTV, for Known: HIV/AIDS, (telling you to go get tested), there is a song that I want. It's the ad where the black girl and white guy are rubbing each other against the wall, and the girl ends up kissing the band aid on the guys arm where he got tested (for HIV/AIDS). The song is slow, it's a girls voice, and I think she says something about Angels. Please help or let me know if this is confusing or anything. THANKS!!!!!!!!
on another note, can anyone tell me the song that was used in The Know Alt Street ad? it's beautiful.

There was an AIDS/HIV commercial where a black girl with short hair and guy (can't remember if he was black or white) are standing and cuddling against a semi dark corner. At the end it says "Knowing is Beautiful" In the background a female vocalist with a frail voice sings:
"Angel, I can see myself in your eyes"
I can't really remember the beat itself-I only know it was soft
I'll take a wild guess ...

Did some Googling for ya, and going by the lyrics you provided ...

... And mind you, I have not listened to a sound sample or anything ...

Blonde Redhead - "Elephant Woman" - CD: Misery is a Butterfly

I dunno ...
Right or wrong ...
There you go.