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Recently there has been a new television add for Kmart. This one is about swimsuits and it is about 4 people lying on a beach and they flip over. Boring commercial, but I wonder if anyone knows that song. I’ve heard it before, and I’d like to know if anyone can name the artist or the title.

The song is a little difficult to describe, so I guess it can be identified by recognition…
No. Its a very recent commercial, and I'll try my best to describe the song. It has guitar, drums, and some vocals, although they are not really words, just bizarre sounds. It sounds kinda 60's once you get to the "refrain" (assuming that was a refrain). The voice is distorted and very squeaky, so it could be male or female, but the singing at the refrain sounds like females.
I would like to know the song k-mart plays on the summer ad, at the beginning. It doesn't have any words that I know of, but it's this chorus of girls singing a very strange of "OOOoooOOoo" That's the only way I can describe it. The commercial shows all these people laying on beach blankets, and then the life guard whistles and they turn over.
I've seen the commercial. I knew the name of the song when I saw it, but I can't even think of the song now. Can you give any more info on the song?

YES!! that's it! Rock Lobster! Man! they should put the names of songs they play at the bottom of commercials, then that wouldn't have drive people crazy...or more crazy considering me.