1. AnbuWeegee

    Kmart Halloween "You Go"

    At the very end of this video, there is this saxophone piece that I seem to hear everywhere. Though I can't recall all the other places I've heard it, I can remember that it was also in a 'Camp Lazlo episode called Hallowbeanies. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. A

    Kmart "The Flatscreen Fist Pump" Christmas

    Just in case anyone else was wondering... Asia Bryant Carol of the Bells
  3. B

    Kmart Free Layaway "Faint"

    Anyone know the name of the new Kmart Layaway commercials (faint & flip). It's the same song in both and toward the end you can hear the singer belt out some lyrics but I can't make any out because of the voice over.
  4. G

    Kmart "The Walk" back to school

    Anyone know the song used in the Kmart back to school commercial?
  5. S

    Kmart holiday

    Hi there, Anyone know what the song is in one of the latest K-Mart commercials for Christmas? I can't remember the lyrics and it didn't occur to me until the end that I would actually like to hear it again. I just know she's singing about the snow. If I see the commercial again I'll reply...
  6. farbeyond

    Kmart Protege Shoes

    Hey; I recently saw a new version of a commercial for Protege Shoes being sold at Kmart for $19.99. There is another commercial which features the player Al Harrington who is advertising for a pair of $34.99 shoes which uses an unknown song. The $19.99 shoes commercial uses the song: Wilson...
  7. D

    Kmart "I Love Kmart"

    Hello. I did a forum search, so I know this one will be new for you all ... In the recent string of Kmart ads ... the one with the "I love Kmart" tagline ... There's some country guy who sings ... voice kinda sounds familiar ... The song always starts "I found love at a Kmart store ..." Then...
  8. P

    Kmart garage band

    Please does anyone know the song that plays in the new Kmart song? The best I can help in your search is if you sound it out it sounds like this bun nuh nuh nah nah nah nuh nuh manamanah Someone please help its been driving me crazy for months! :D
  9. U


    Recently there has been a new television add for Kmart. This one is about swimsuits and it is about 4 people lying on a beach and they flip over. Boring commercial, but I wonder if anyone knows that song. I’ve heard it before, and I’d like to know if anyone can name the artist or the title...
  10. G


    hi can anyone help me find the song in the latest kmart ad .. i think it goes like "where's the sunshine" with some kind of ethnic beat in the back.. i also heard it played in a couple of clubs..
  11. S

    Kmart Halloween

    What is the name of the song in the K-mart commercial where there are kids trick or treating at the door? The door opens several different times and then there is a kid at the end with a superhero costume with a big K on his chest. The song plays the whole time and is kinda cheesy and sounds...