Kmart garage band


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Please does anyone know the song that plays in the new Kmart song? The best I can help in your search is if you sound it out it sounds like this bun nuh nuh nah nah nah nuh nuh manamanah Someone please help its been driving me crazy for months! :D
I'm not sure if it's even a song.

So it's these three kids playing in their band in a garage. The only lyric I remember is a catchy "la la la la" at the end.
The song is "Kids in America"

I only saw the commercial once, so I'm not sure of the artist. Tons of people have covered it over the years.

However, I thought it was The Muffs when I first heard it. Sample available on the Clueless Soundtrack.

If it's not them, it'll most likely be Kim Wilde, who did it originally. Sample available on her Singles Collection.