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I've been using this place for a while, so my friends have started asking me about ad tunes as well. One of the asked about the music for the recent "Exocist" DVD... A few other people around us were interested as well, and I though if they were curious, so might you be. I checked to make sure no one else had answered this, then decided I might wanna do my civic duty and let you know.

The music for the trailer is "Tubular Bells, part one" by Mike Oldsfield. Its the basic intro to a 25 minuite track. It's pretty incredible stuff, actually. Other than the backup singers, he plays all the intruments used in the CD...

Hope that someone's been helped by this. And I'm still wondering about my little blue brick.
Gotcha!Thanks for the info,but it has been posted!Try search 90 days and older and"Tubular Bells"!
Search will probably bring up "blue boxes" or cubes in the General Discussion forum.The number of cubes represents the number of posts you've made.