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Hello everyone,

The episode of Juding Amy that aired on CBS tonight ended with a slow song that kind of sounded like Jewel, but I'm not sure.

I've forgotten what little lyrics where sung, but was wondering if anyone knew what it was?

Does anybody know the song that played at the end of Judging Amy tonight?
It sounded like a remake of a song from the 60's.
Would like to know who sang both .....original and on show tonight.
Thanks so much!!!
The song is Ooh Child. Performed by Beth Orton on the Other Side of Daybreak CD. It was previously done by Nina Simone, by Valarie Carter and by the Five Stairsteps (I dont know who of the three of these the original artist is).
The Five Stairsteps was the original HIT version, though I don't know how it fits in chronologically. It was around 1970 or so. That cheesy Dino guy covered it a few years ago as well.

But the Five Stairsteps version is the one we all know and love...
Does anyone know what song Lauren was playing on the cd player while Amy was asking her about the school dance?
I was watching an old episode of "Judging Amy" today and I liked the song that was playing at the end. I did a Google search with the lyrics I could hear "the days whe I think I am losing my mind."

The only song that came up was "The Fog" by Maroon 5. But I can't seem to find it anywhere except the lyrics page.

Does anyone know anything about this song and where I could find it?
Hello there !

you can find it in "stagg st recordings" album when the group was named Kara's Flowers ... is the second music on the cd.

Bye !
Caught a repeat of the episode where Peter and Jillian learn that something may be wrong with their baby and Amy has to have the drug talk with Lauren...at the end of the show when Amy comes downstairs and tells Maxine that she lied to her daughter and Maxine cries and tells her something big may be wrong with the baby, there is slow, gentle sounding song playing...."I'll fly away" repeated twice before it went off. No other lyrics....male voice, soft and slow....would love to find this song. Anybody????
Watching Judging Amy on TNT today, at the end of the ep Amy is kissed by a man she wanted to date but can't because he's also a lawyer. A beautifulsong is playing (male singer) as she gets in the car with the lyrics something like "Why does my heart feel so bad?.." Anyone know who that was? The ep is "Shaken Not Stirred" (#14) airing Feb. 8, 2000. TIA!
I didn't see the episode you're talking about but it sounds like it could be *drumroll* "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" by Moby.
YES, that's it! I should have known. I knew I recognized him. Thanks!