Johnnie Walker "Tree"


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Johnnie Walker "Tree"

This is the new commercial from Johnnie Walker and the song is amazing! :leela:
Well...does any of you know further info related to that song? Artist? songtitle?
To view the ad and to find out everything about it (except the music used!) go here.
Johnnie Walker tree

I'm sure this is a very popular ad...

It's about a tree in the forest that uproots itself and goes on a cross-country journey to replant itself in front of a building in the business district.

The music is absolutely beautiful and has bothered me for the longest time.
Kinda post-rock with jazz and electronic influences. My immediate reaction was to revisit all my Tortoise records, but I'm sure it's not them. Very similar though.

I must know who is responsible for this gorgeous, beguiling music.
Thanks in advance...

I'm hoping that everyone's had enough time to figure this out! This music has a grip on me and I absolutely must know who this is by....

I wish that Johnnie Wlaker themselves would be more responsive but not.....

Anyone please? :unsure: