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i was watching the jersey girl trailer and there is this song that starts right after ben affleck yells shut up... it has a twangy guitar intro.. i think its a hit durring the 90's i cant remember it for the life of me... any help would be greatly appreciated here is the link for the trailer
It's really only a few guitar notes - I think it's meant to sound like "Loser", but isn't the actual song. (It seems just slightly different in one or two notes.) That would be expensive to use so little of the song. I think it's a "sound-alike" music cue they licensed from a stock music production agency.
Does anybody know the song that plays at the end of the Jersey Girl trailer?
Hi, i watched jersey girl trailer and i really appreciate to have the title of all the songs in the trailer. thanks for your help

PS: i already have the song "loser" and "when i look to the sky"
I heard the new trailer today for Jersey girl and it had different songs on it, one included the newer single from Sheryl Crow, but to start out with they played a really sweet song about about I think a father and daughter. If anyone knows what song that might be or where we can get info on the songs they have for the soundtrack I would love to know.
Thanks for the help everyone. I watched the trailers, but they didn't have the most recent trailer anywhere. I saw it again today. It is driving me crazy. I recognize the voice of the artist in the first song played, but I can't remember his name. Part of the lyrics it says something like 7lbs 3oz with my same nose. Not much to go on I know. Thanks again everyone.
Thank you so much for helping me find the song. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.

There were many songs in that trailer but the two that stood out most were Queens "Under Pressure" and Trains "When I look to the sky".

Hope this helps.