Je T'iame


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hey all! does anyone know who sings Je T'aime...{at least i think that's the name of the song} it has like a sexy breathing/moaning,and a guy sings/raps this part-" now that you're here,baby truly understand that whenever you're close i give u the most. i gotta be the man, the man that u love,girl ur so hot i can't get enough! u make the fire in me burn oh so strong...i'd like to pick u up and take you in my arms,and show u everything the way it should be done...."

...any clues? :unsure: thanks!
Is it a recent English version of the old Serge Gainsbourg song?
how recent did it sound? I mean, were they rapping or just talking over the music?

Also try The song named "I love you... Nor do i" is now availiable on Mick Harveys second album of Gainsburg covers translated to english, named "Pink Elephants", and the song is performed by Nick Cave and Anita Lane.

Not much help, I know... send more clues
hi waindog!
so yeah the music is the same,but that's not the version i'm looking for! my version is much faster,and the girl is like moaning saying what sounds like "jimmy",but perhaps she's saying "je t'aime"!
and well the version has a guy with a masculine voice. i remember the song as early back as 92! it has to be a remake or something.
i keep associating the song with Lisha - can u confirm this? {i have no idea if lisha is 1 person or a group}

truly stumped!
Could I suggest "Sweet Sex Symphony"...

thanks for the help guys,but i'm still looking for the song! :(