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I just caught the tale end of a JC Penney holiday commercial using the Pete Townsend song "Let My Love Open The Door"... it sounded like it may be a remix of some sort. Has anyone else seen/heard this yet?

Best Of Pete Townshend from 1996 had a remix of "Let My Love..." Is that it? (Unfortunately, the sample at Amazon doesn't get to the meat of the remix!)
Might be... it's definitely Pete Townsend performing, the music just sounds a little different to me.
The tune in the commercial is more fast-paced and poppy than what I can hear of that remix...
does anyone know the song in the jc penny commercial, its like a holliday commercial
Is that the one where they're singing "Let my love open the door..."? That's Pete Townshend.

I'm looking for a song from a recent JC Penney winterwear commercial.
It's fairly upbeat and peppy, almost 60's-pop-revival.

The primary lyrics you hear are:

"I wanna' go/Straight to your heart"

Any help is appreciated (and I *did* search beforehand!)
I think you mean this.

The words are "Let my love open the door straight to your heart"
:blush: Would you belive I'm looking for a Christmas commercial!?
Now? :duh:
(My posting my "favorite songs from commercials" kind of inspired me...)

Well, anyway, moving on...

Does anyone remember the J.C. Penney commercials from last Christmas ('04) or *maybe* '03 that had the moms all sitting at the computers and ordering gifts, then going to wrap them? One of them had the gifts going to an orphanage, I think, another was gifts for the family. Cute and heartwarming.

Not sure if they used a traditional "Holiday"/"Christmas" song herein, but I remember I liked the song and though it quite pretty.

Help!? :blink:

I remember some JC Penney commercials from last Christmas that used Pete Townsend's Let My Love Open the Door.