JCPenney "Chris Madden"


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JCPenney "Chris Madden"

Commercial is for JC Penny for the Chris Madden collection. It's a red-hued ad with words spinning in circles around its actors.

Heard it on ABC Oscar Night around mid-way through the program

It sounds like Sarah McLachlan, but I'm not sure. It has a subtle yodeling quality to it. I think I heard the words "I will bethere for you" and "Please don't leave me."

If anyone has any info on it, I'd appreciate it a lot!

Song played during a furniture store commercial, I can't remember which one. The lyrics mentioned the words warm and safe and the person singing sounded a lot like sarah mcclachlan. Hope someone saw the same commercial and knows what i am talking about. Sorry i can't remember more info but would greatly appreciate any info i could get.
I think you may be referring to the spot featuring Dido. I too would be interested to learn the name of that song.
i think that's dido's "don't leave home".

the jc penney commercial with the furniture??
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Yes, the song in the ad is by Dido called "Don't Leave Home." You can find it on her "Life For Rent" album. Also available from .