JCPenney from 1999


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There was a commercial for JC penny that played during the late 1990's (I think it was for the hair salon or some fashion sale, I can't remember which). This song is one of the weirdest pieces of music I've ever heard. It is a man saying what sounds like "Ka choo, Ka chaa, Ka Choo". It has a medium pace and is extremely unique. I know that JC Penny has used actual songs for their commercials in the past, and I would like to know if there is an actual title/artist listed anywhere for this one. I saw the commercial only a few times, but the song implanted itself in my mind, and no one knows who it is. I even emailed JC Penny about it, and they never returned my query.
Thanks to all in advance, Jenna.
were the vocals maybe more like "chicka oooh, chicka ahhh, chicka oooh oooh, chicka..." (or something like that... it's been a while)? If so, that was done specifically for the commercial by a guy who now has a music production company called PULL.

That is an old one... I'm surprised you remember it. That song must have had quite an impact on you!
Wow, I think that might be it, but I'd have to hear it to be sure. I'll research it some more. Thanks a bunch for your help!! :D
I'm sure that's it.

It's funny... the only JC Penny commercial I know the music info for it that one and I opened your post on the slim chance that you were going to be asking about that particular one...and you were!
I researched it more and came up with zero. This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone know where I might be able to view the commercial. I found a site with several JC Penny commercials, but that one wasn't listed.
Thanks again heretohelp for the info that you provided. :)