is this site working for anyone else...

Yeah it took its sweet time loading but it did come up for me too eventually.
Yeah it was real slow for me too. I used to go there all the time. Don't know why I don't anymore. :unsure: Cool site. ;)
It hasn't been working for me for the past 3 days, I don't know what's wrong. :unsure:
That's weird. Have you tried something simple like a Google or Yahoo route?
How do I do that? Would Ad-Aware SE help? Sorry, I'm not very good with computers. ^_^'
For Internet Explorer:
Click Tools > Internet Options... > in General, click Delete Cookies.. and Delete Files..
You might also want to try clearing your History too

For Firefox:
Click Tools > Options... > Privacy > Clear All
I'd say change your security settings but mine are at medium so that's probably not it.
Is there any chance that you've been banned from the site? Do you post there? Did ya piss someone off? :lol: You hardly seem like the type that would do anything like that but I'm out of ideas. Try using a proxy server and see if you get in. That'll answer that question for you. ;)
Yeah, I've talked on their forums but I've never said anything to make anyone mad. :huh: I'll try again later I guess.
look, i think it's this; we can load the page, but it takes very long. now, if you were to have a slower connection than us, it'd take VERY long. so, if it takes very long, you get a timeout and it stops loading. moral of this post; it's their slow server's fault
Excellent reasoning. May actually be the case but I find it hard to believe that anyone has a slower speed than I do. Anything's possible though. :p