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what's the rock-ish song that plays at the very beginning of the movie where tony stark is in the military truck. it's the song that plays when they first show the trucks driving in the desert, and then it's actually playing from one of the radios inside the truck tony is in and one of the soliders turns off the radio i think. thanks
What about the song playing in the background while tony stark is working on the flathead ford?
"Institutionalized" - Suicidal Tendencies.

I had just played it a few days ago on Guitar Hero... how ironic.
Hi Jenny,

wats the song that plays when the credits are running at the end?
Anyone know the song that Obadiah's playing on the grand? Thanks.
what of the song when stark gets his award and is gambling and then going to his rolls in the beginning?
I was just wondering, what was the name of the song that plays on Stark's plane while his stewardesses are dancing. Thanks.
Iron Man. Last song in end credits? Link to song inside.

This song: Iron Man End Credits: 6m14s-End

Watched Iron Man tonight and stumbled upon this masterpiece at the end of the credits. Doesn't seem to part of the original soundtrack, although I am not entirely sure. Would be deeply appreciated if someone could recognize it :).