1. T

    Avengers Endgame

    You guys know the deal
  2. AndroidE1

    Avengers Infinity War

    Could anyone tell me the name of the music in this trailer? Thanks, Android E1
  3. N

    Thor Ragnarok

    Hey, Anyone know where I could find the trailer version of the song?
  4. S

    Captain America Civil War

    Okay, I know that this is most likely a fake (fan-made) trailer, but the music is driving me crazy. Can anyone ID?
  5. V

    Captain America The Winter Soldier

    anyone know the song name?
  6. S

    Avengers Age of Ultron

    Teaser: "Sky Dream" (with edited ending) - Hi-Finesse Music & Sound Design.
  7. R

    Thor The Dark World

    Hi, I watched this fan made trailer of Thor 2 and the music is amazing. I was wondering if any of you knew the title. Thank you.
  8. O

    Iron Man 3

    Hey Everyone! Iron Man 3 trailer just got posted but the music is amazing! Anyone know it?
  9. sonic43

    The Avengers

    Everyone will be asking so t answer now: The song in the new Avengers trailer is Nine Inch Nails - We're In This Together
  10. M

    Thor God of Thunder

    Hey everyone. I came here to ask for some help finding music that was played in the following trailers http://youtu.be/UrtwJYuUI-0 - Rage Uprising Trailer (Plays during the whole trailer) http://youtu.be/qptrQ6TxzBQ - Thor God of Thunder Trailer 1 (bit from :08 - :29)...
  11. C

    Captain America The First Avenger

    Any idea what song/songs are used in the trailer? http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/captain-america-the-first-avenger/trailer
  12. G


    Thor Comic Con trailer? Any help would be appreciated
  13. S

    Iron Man 2

    http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/ironman/ Its the second song
  14. D

    Iron Man

    what's the rock-ish song that plays at the very beginning of the movie where tony stark is in the military truck. it's the song that plays when they first show the trucks driving in the desert, and then it's actually playing from one of the radios inside the truck tony is in and one of the...
  15. doctormemory

    The Incredible Hulk

  16. crystalx

    Iron Man

    I'm sure you all have seen as many movie trailers as I have and recognize little sound-effects and stuff they use. But there's ONE sound-effect that keeps popping up in the big action movies and it's driving me nuts because I can't figure out what it is. It's at the end of the new Iron Man...