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More colorful dancing sillouettes anyone?

Thought some of you may want to know that the song in the new Apple iPod Shuffle Ad is "Jerk It Out" by the Caesers. (via .)
that fat sounding keyboard definetly gives the song a kick.

great stuff. still, not as addicting as Channel Surfing by Feature Cast that was on one of the original iPod ads last year ..
i have no idea what it sounded like but i saw a commercial for the ipod shuffle the other day and wondered what song they used....
Don't forget to search our Forums. This has been answered previously here.
Originally posted by michelle@Feb 4 2005, 09:36 PM
Don't forget to search our Forums. This has been answered previously here.
thanks... yeah i just noticed the search box...
Anyone know the song on the Apple iPod Commercial with the Black Figures dancing around on a green background?
hey, does anyone know the song from the IPOD shuffle commercial, its sort of catchy? thanks
It's a Swedish band called The Caesers. The song is called Jerk It Out from their album, 39 Minutes of Bliss.
The commercial is another one of those siloutte dancing people commercials and they just dance around to this song and then a text says "Life is Random" if anyone knows the song in the background id love to know
tyvm :D i usually type in a description of the commercial with adtunes.com at the end of it on google, which usually finds the page faster then looking through all the pages but this time it didnt work
Our Forums have its own Search as well... in case you were unaware. :unsure:

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read title... its the song that goes 'wind me up, hit the ground, start me up and watch me go' (also in LMA manager 05 soundtrack)

Spud :D