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Does anyone know the various music artists, and songs from the new 'iPod your BMW' commercial, a joint ad for the connection between BMW cars and iPods? The ad is viewable online here:

I love some of the tracks (especially the ending band - the three people, one of whom has a skeleton glove on) but I have no idea what song that is..

Thank you!
All of these are probably just clips recorded just for the commercial. If they're that short, they're probably not real songs. Sorry.
So, is that guy at the end supposed to be Jonathan Davis from Korn or just a look alike? It's kind of sad if it's not really him, ya know?
On the BMW-IPOD spot, what/who is the last band/song he chosses. It sounds very familiar but I can't place it.

Does anyone know the artist/title of the tracks used in this commercial? Particularily the first rock track, and the hip-hop track.

The commercial can be viewed by going here and clicking on 'View TV Spot'.

Thanks in advance,
-- Travis
thoes SOB BMW ppl, i thought of the idea of replacing the car radio with an mp3 player about 3 months ago, they stole it. bastards
:lol: I'm pretty sure it takes even BMW longer than a few months to engineer a thing like that. :p
The music is by
The Polyphonic Spree

Song's name
Light and Day

Album's Name
Beginning Stages Of..
That definitely is not the song in the ipod BMW commercial they are referring to.
The guy on the right kinda looks like Johnny Depp. Yeah he does look like Davis from KoRn.