Intel Core 2 Duo


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It's the commercial with the girl with the striped shirt. Some of the lyric was something about ice cream.
The song is called "Mr. James", that much I know - but it's unavailable on iTunes so I was wondering if anyone knew who the artist is.
Thanks MajorMarvelVixen - it is Ice Cream by New Young Pony Club!
I just heard another one this morning on ESPN. The title was "Multiply Productivity". The song was more techno than the previous ones. If anyone sees it or has a clue let me know.Thanks
I am also looking for the commercial there is a woman in a pink silky shirt dancing and then a man wearing a hat and a green shirt, they are not dancing together, but kinda split screen. The only song I couldn't locate was the Ice Cream one, so I am unsure if it is the one in this particular Intel Core 2 commercial. Thanks all for your help!!!
Thanks! i saw it again last night! Anybody heard more from New young Pony club?
I love and worship you a little bit right now! *Yay!*
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! :D :p :lol:
The most recent Intel Core 2 Duo commercial featured a downtempo techno song, sorta electronic. Anyone know the song name/artist name of that one?
...but it's driving me crazy. The commercial features a girl dancing, followed by a guy dancing, and the only song lyrics I know are...

"I can give you what you want..."

I must have this song...if any of you happen to know what it is, I would be soooo appreciative. I have already tried searching the lyrics, but nothing has matched. :(
Sounds like you're talking about "Ice Cream" by New Young Pony Club.
Yes, they should...because the song completely overshadowed the product. At least in my mind, anyway...
I'm looking for that song on the Intel Core Duo commercial, lyrics go something like "I can give you what you want... I can give you what you need" as trendy young people dance and morph into one another. somebody help, I love this song!