1. D

    Intel "What makes Shlomit Weiss Curious?"

    I am trying to find the soundtrack or music of this commerical. If anyone can find the name of this song.
  2. Guest

    Intel Core i5 "Visibly Smart"

    Just saw this. Great commercial, and great music, but I can't find out what that music is. Anyone know?
  3. Y

    Intel Visual Life The Sartorialist

    Does anyone know any of the songs used in this video? Thanks so much! Plus it's an really great documentary with some great cinematography, it's quite inspirational!
  4. R

    Intel Processor Launch Party

    There is a song being played in the undertones of the party you can barely hear it till the end when the guy walks away with a chunk of cake and before the people sing the intel "Theme" Its sounds like a 80s song but I can't make out any of the lyrics its just sounds way familar. I might be...
  5. T

    Intel Inside

    At least a few years ago there was an Intel Inside ad on the tube that featured some very tribal sounding music and scenes of a stuffed monkey. Any idea what music that was?
  6. S

    Intel InTru3D promo

    I am really wondering the music in Intel InTru3D promo... Here it is: If anyone have an idea, it will be really appriciated....
  7. K


    I don't quiet remember what type of dell part it was focused on, one of their chips...Pentium maybe? Anyway! It was one of those where it follows the chip around the factory, but it was one where when the chip got shocked, it laughed, I need to find that song! PLEASE HELP! It's killing me! It...
  8. mariaconfetti

    Intel Core 2 Duo

    It's the commercial with the girl with the striped shirt. Some of the lyric was something about ice cream.
  9. evansls

    Apple Intel

    Hello! Apple launched a few new mac/ipod commercials today -- one in particular that interested in me was the new one for the intel macs. Here is the commerical featuring the instrumental song: Does anyone have any ideas as to what the song/artist is on this...
  10. N

    Intel Centrino Italy

    Looking for the instrumental song in the new Centrino wireless commercial which I believe takes place in Italy.
  11. E


    hey everyone! i was hoping someone could give me the song title for an intel tv commercial that's out right now... the one where people are trying to play a song on the guitar. it's a REALLY popular riff; it's everywhere, like on beavis and butthead. i'm just really lame for not knowing...