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I'd like to know the song in the commercial in which Centrino batteries/laptop components are advertised. The Blue Man Group is present with helicopter pack-thingies. :p It is a melodic song, got stuck in my head for at least a half hour after only seeing the entire 30 second commercial. ^_^
Music also composed by Blue Man Group specially for the commercials.

There are three spots being shown in rotation. The one you are referring to is called 'Unicopter'.

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Awesome. I was looking for a song earlier without your reply, and i found "I Feel Love." Very catchy, but not what i was looking for. thanks for your help.

So what exactly does the Blue Man Group do? I thought they only did shows in Las Vegas.
No, BMG performs in a few different cities. I saw the group perform in NYC, from their last act. It was awesome! BTW, there is not only 3 of them. You only see three at a time, but there are alot more then that. They perform in 2 or 3 times a day, all through out the week and at all these don't really expect the same peopel to do al them, do you? LOL