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I know this is a pretty specific question and i doubt anyone will know wit but i am going to ask anyways. On the new Rio De Janiero episode there is a part when Dave is talking about dancing and then they start showing clips of all the people who have tried dancing and are bad and like messing up and stuff and they are playing music during this part and i can not find what the music is so if anyone watches insomniac, please help.
was it actually playing at the place he was visiting, or was it like, played over the scene? because usually when i watch the show, they play sort of out of the can, funny stock music...
It was playing over the scene

EDIT: To help specify a little more there were no words and the music sounded like it was from a flute. I emailed comedy central but i have no response yet.
Ok, i havnt found out anything and ive been searching and posting and emailing all over just for this one track, just like everyone else it is driving me insane.

So if anyone wants to help out i looked on the TV guide to see if they are going to air the episode again anytime soon and they are showing the episode again on Tuesday night July 6th at like 1 in the morning here so if u want to watch the show and help me out go for it. The song im looking for is in the part when they are showing old clips of people trying to dance but they are like messing up and falling and stuff and its in like slow motion and its the music playing during that part, it sorta sounds like its from a flute and there arent many more intstruments if not just that one. Thanx
someone TiVo this episode! Insomniac with Dave Attel on Comedy Central Episode: Rio Dave Janiero
Ok, last month I made a post where I was asking if anyone knew the song that played during an episode of Insomniac. I didnt get any response because i mean it was just one part of the episode that no one had seen. But now i have found out it was in another episode as well and I have a link to the clip.

It is the music playing at the very beginning when Dave is talking to the guy about the hash. Cicky Clicky

so if u could just please watch it and see if u have heard it before or know what its called that would be awesome. Oh yeah and to watch it just click the watch video right above the big picture of the smoke coming out of his mouth.
I merged the two threads... since you're asking for the same song still.
alright, im sorry i keep responding to my own posts but i keep finding new information,so bear with me, the song has also been featured in the following if anyone has seen them..
--- a C| tv commercial from a few years ago
--- The Obsournes (episode "bye bye babies")
--- I love the 70's (1971 - during the Monday Night
Football segment)