I'm In Love With My Car


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I used to listen to this song way back when...
I think the title is "I'm In Love With My Car" and sounds somewhat like something Aerosmith or 10CC would have done (but didnt of course).
I think its a Lexus or Jaguar silver car. Not much into cars, but music.. :)
lol! I bookmarked this site for future reference!
I found it on page 6 or 7 of the posts and realized that is in fact who it is, but I believe it's not Freddy Mercury singing for this commercial. I may be wrong... getting old...lol
I'm just thrilled to know one my husband didn't! :p
Thank you!

Its definitely Queen from the album "a night at the opera" The singer is Brian May the guitarist not Freddy Mercury.

Hope that helps!
Actually, Queen's drummer Roger Taylor sings the original song... Haven't seen the ad, so maybe Brian May redid it for the ad. :unsure:
ahh yes roger taylor...wasn't he the one in the band who crazy crazy in love w/ cars?