I'm bored


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I think the subject says it all! I'm bored tonight, and drinking my red wine. I've already been on MySpace, and hit up the usual sites (it was a SLOW day at work today too :rolleyes: )....now what??

Got my nails done today--the shade is called "Limo-scene". Who's next?
I was contemplating stabbing myself in the heart with my pencil during Chemisty class today. I hate the class that much. :angry:

How was everyone else's day. :)
I OD-ed on sushi and bought some yummy jumbo cookies. :)
I went and saw Hostel which wasn't scary, just gross, and then pretty much that's it.
i went to work today and stared at excel for way too long. we went out with some of jon's friends to a german restaurant... (not so great when you can't eat potatoes or fried meats on your diet)... i'm still hungry. boring day.
Tell the guy that AIM is only on my husband's computer anymore so he's talking to him.
Ohhhhhh I thought it was you blocking me. Oops :unsure:

Do you have any other program on your computer?
:unsure: If you want to kill a man then sure, that'll do the trick. :eek:k: