They oughta make an attachment for snapping pictures and taking video. That would kick ass!
I was thinking they would start selling videos on Itunes. I looked and they are! You can buy any lost episode thats been shown on TV!
Originally posted by dascoot@Oct 12 2005, 06:03 PM
Ooh! I need the one on the far right. :wub:

I don't own an iPod! :leela:
It's this little plastic dealie what gots musicians trapped inside it. :leela:
Can an Ipod play videogames? No. Buy a PSP it can do all the same shit as an Ipod plus you can play videogames and browse the internet for free with some simple hacks.

BOOYA!!!! :ph34r:
If you are dumb and don't know how to move a mouse maybe. Its pretty easy for me. :ph34r: