Hummer H2


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Anyone know what song/artists this is. Hummer site down at this time, a& could not find info elsewhere.
The name of the ad is actually "Evolution." The song is "Debutante" by Jack Drag. Link goes to audio sample, track 1.
hummer has a new Commercial for its truck

the hummer is going though a forrest

there is a collidescope of truck angles going on

its has no words but sounds great and could go to a good song

any info would be great
You can view all hummer ads at their website but the song you want is probably 'Debutante' by Jack Drag
Does anyone know the song or artist featured in this Hummer H2 commercial?
Its under COMMERCIALS, its the one that starts with the single yellow hummer which spirals out and then does a whole keleidascope thing.
Hummer has a great website which features all its TV ads together with details of the songs used:

Track is called 'Debutante' by JACK DRAG. (Track 1)