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i saw a commercial run today during "ellen" several times on nbc. i think it may have been a hewlett packard ad or something to do with a camera/printer. the music was guitar-y/electronic/dancey with some male vocals. "we see it with an electronic eye, i want to see you put it all together" something to that nature.. just wondering if anyone else knows the song.. sounded pretty cool. thanks!
I saw this commercial recently and was wondering what the song was as well. A google lyrics search turns up nothing, which leads me to believe it's in-house. But then again, HP has a recent history of using real songs (Rolling Stones, The Kinks) in it's TV ads.
actually no.. it isn't that ad. the lyrics i posted are completely different. i checked the hp site and didn't see the ad there.. it may not be this company.. definitely a cool song!! it's driving me crazy!
er..actually it is a "version" of one of our songs, called "dv-luvva" that is on that HP commercial.
after i find out a bit more about the legal ins & outs i'll let you know where you can download or at least stream the whole song.. later.......... xxx
great! can't wait to hear it.. i finally saw the commercial again today and it is definitely an hp printer commercial, but not listed on their website anywhere. the lyrics i posted were pretty close.. so what group are "we"? such a cool new sound! i love it!
Hopefully we'll get to hear this soon.

Just a correction on the lyrics (and if I'm wrong, we now have a good source for further corrections) it is "electrical eye" and includes "all of the fun that we've had with each other".
It sounds a lot like "The Stereophonics" but I am not sure. I haven't been able to find any information on it anywhere...not even on the HP website which has a list of its TV ads.
hey! everybody happy? lyrics don't seem to be up yet but they should be getting posted along with the songs so.... let's fix that eh? bis bald....... xxx
so how about those lyrics dr. lemon, and while we have have you, what's the song about?