Howard stern song: there're some whores up in here


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I listen to howard stern sometimes. I have heard this bit where there is a black man singing, it goes like this: "“There’s Some Whores in the House”. " these are the only lyrics the guy sings, the song cracks me up,

does anyone know if it is a real song?? If so, who is the artist
omg. i just downloaded a song by

DJ Funk - There's Some Hoes In This House, right? okay..soo.....

in his mix of this song, there's a sample from another that i heard like back in the early 90's and i looooooooved it. the sample he uses is the part where a female is singing

"oohh Nah Nah.. Nah Nah oooooh Nah Nah" it sounds really flirty and kinda sassy or something. i haven't heard that in ages and wasn't sure if i'd hear it ever again! :wub:

so to answer your question, i dunno who the original artist is, but i have a feeling that some Booty House DJ created it by just sampling someone saying "there's some hoes in this house." into some beats. i may have even watched something about that on The History Of House Music. i'll check the video again and try to find it.
there's a bunch of DJ"s that use the "there's some hoes in this house" sample in their mixes.
i downloaded dj funk and i think the howard stern show used the beginning from that song