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Does anyone know what song is playing towards the end of episode 3 in season 5 of House. The newest episode. It aired 9/30/08. Can anyone help? B) Thnks
According to Fox:
"Drown In My Own Tears" - (House and Lucas play on the guitar & piano)
Ok, I can't figure out what the song was that played during the commercial for the House episode "Lucky 13". It is a very recognizable 80's pop song, but it is not one of the songs played during the episode. It's driving me crazy!
It's called Fire by Daniel Lanois. It took a little digging to find it so I thought I'd put it up in case anyone was interested.
House 11/18

I just watched this episode and instantly fell in love with this song! I'm looking for the one played at the very end of the show, it's a sort of deep male voice singing, and very soft acoustic music. The only lyrics I remember are "someone to hold you 'neath the darkened sky, someone to love you more than I" or something similar to that. Thanks for any help!
House - "Last Resort"

first hostage trade:
"Glue of the World" by Four Tet (Amazon) (iTunes)

House pranks Cuddy, song at the end:
"Between the Lines" by Bonobo (Amazon) (iTunes)
Re: House - "Last Resort"

I was just about to ask the same question. I would love to know as well...
Re: House - "Last Resort"

Your link's not working for me. Can you describe it?
Re: House - "Last Resort"

There was also:

"It's Not The Same" by Yppah (opening montage)
"Herzog" by Clark (Jason takes out his gun)
"A Chronicle Of Early Failures, Pt. 2" by The Dead Texan (aftermath)