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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what the trailer music was for the movie High Tension that is coming out on Valetine's Day of 2005. I saw the preview during the movie Saw and liked the song that was playing during the preview but don't know it's name.

Anyways, I searched for it a bit and it appears as if High Tension was released overseas but their trailer song is different than the trailer song I'm looking for. It's not newborn by Muse, which is the song that is playing during the International trailer. So, any one seen the American trailer in theaters and know what it's called?
And, it should be noted that Sonic Youth song is actually a cover of the song, originally sung by the Carpenters.
Towards the end o the trailer is a cover version of an older song I've heard before, but don't know the name of it. The guy is singing in a whisper and the lyrics are something like: "Didn't I tell you much I needed you baby". I know in the song their's one part where the singer repeats "baby, baby, baby, baby".
Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Does anyone know the name for the high tension trailer it kinda sounds like the beatles.

if you could help me i would appreciate it.