"Show You Love" by Jars of Clay. You can hear an audio sample here, track 7.
just saw a commercial for the new movie spanglish, but the song in it isnt in the trailer or on the website. has lyrics "for a moment" and is a pretty slow. sad sounding song. i hear it a lot but cant find the name anywhere.

in the commerical....

Does anyone, REALLY ANYONE know the classical piece in the background of the "Spanglish" trailer? i NEED IT PLEASE HELP>>>


in the commerical....

Does anyone, REALLY ANYONE know the classical piece in the background of the "Spanglish" trailer? i NEED IT PLEASE HELP>>>

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Have you listened to the audio samples provided in this thread?
I'm looking for some help identifying the music in the new Spanglish television commercial. It sounds like something by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, but I'm not sure. It was also used in the trailers for How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Although I don't have a link to the new Spanglish television commerical, I do have one for How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The song can be heard about 55 seconds into the trailer of this film. Here is the link:

I appreciate your help. :)
I've been trying to figure out what this song is for literally the past 3 hours. I don't know what any of the lyrics are, or what movie trailer I saw it in. It was in some trailer that was before Bridget Jones (the new one), so I think it was probably a chick flick. I've heard this song before on the radio so I know that it's a popular song, I think its relatively new. It sounds just like a Coldplay song, but I can't find it. The song's got a strong lead piano and not really any guitar (if I remember correctly, I'm really forgetting fast). I made a link to the intro of the song that I tried to record to the best of my memory. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

Here's the link to the intro:
Ok, I just tried the link and it comes up as an error message. The link it good, but you have to copy and paste it into the browser for it to work. Sorry.
I think the song is 100 Years by Five for Fighting. That might be it, that's what your midi song sounds like.
"100 Years" by Five For Fighting. Link goes to available audio sample, track 4. Also available for download from .
Just like you, I heard that song on the "Spanglish" trailer and it drove me crazy for about a week until my boss, a musician, told me the name of it. The song is by Claude Bolling (on piano) with Alexandre La Goya (on guitar). The song is called Hispanic Dance (with a Blue Touch) and is on Claude Bolling's album titled "Concerto for Classical Guiatr and Jazz Piano." How's that for an answer?! :D
Thank you so much! I found the cd on Amazon and am definitely going to buy it. I've been looking for that song for a long time, and I would have never been able to find that on my own. Thanks again. :)
whats the name of the song on the traller with some guy singing and playing a piano..its
a slow meladic also appears on laguna beach at the start of each episode whre they tell what has happened on the past episodes.