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ok .. you guys are awesome at naming songs .. soo i wanna ask for a favor... im cant name a song that came out in the mid ninties.. its alternative rock.. umm it has " change your blue star to gold" in it . thats all i know .. any help would be greatly appreciated
You want Caroline's Spine "Sullivan". If you ever don't know a song, but know the lyrics.. do a search (I recommend Yahoo) for the lyrics that you do know in quotation marks and the word "lyrics" at the end. ;)
LOL We starting over, are we? Like regenerating starfish?
For starters, you could tell Kodos that you don't work at just have an infatuation with an inferior search engine is all.
Hahahaha! Yahoo and Dascoot sittin' in a tree s-e-r-x-i-n-g (Closest I could get to searching and still fit)
Oh.. searching.. I thought you meant like h-u-m-p-i-n-g or the other word that starts with an F but I can't use it in the VERB tense, only the ADJECTIVE tense (I love Bono!) and I was gonna say.. I don't like it THAT much.. lol
I think that was oft-quoted well before rush hour came along. Circa: Tower Of Babel.
hey lost boy, what's your avatar from? looks very simpsonish.
well thanx guys your are the greatest!! ill take you advice and do a search nextime..

ps i think google rox!!