Help! Need to know this song!

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I need to know who sings this song. The lyrics go something like.....come with me, come with me..... A link is provided so you can listen to a sample of this song.

(admin edit: link deleted. song in question has been found.)
i right clicked and saved file as, but it wouldnt play on me winamp :angry:
Same here running quicktime on Firefox. Try uploading it again (assuming it's not your server) maybe the file got corrupted when it was transfered. Then again what do I know ^_^ .
rename the file to .asf and it will work.
I dont recognize the song, but she mentions "303 Infinity" in the lyrics.
you can hear samples here , but it only lets you hear the first 30 seconds of the song. Sometimes lyrics dont kick in for a few minutes especially with trance music.
played it with WMP and worked

sorry but i dont know the song :(

by the way where did u get such a long sample ? :D
You can hear spanking sounds in the beginning of that audio.
Anyway...looks like the song is "Come in Me" by 303 Infinity.
Anyway...looks like the song is "Come in Me" by 303 Infinity.

I can't find reference to this song anywhere on the net. There is very little info on 303 Infinity on the net. Can you point me in the right direction where you saw that song reference?

Thanks! B)
If you do a search in Google for 303 Infinity "Come in me" (quotes around the song title) there are a few pages that reference it. It looks like 303 Infinity used to have some tracks posted on but they are no longer available there. Check out: for more info.

That just re-directs and there is like no info there. Now that we know the name of the song and know that it does exist, does anyone know where to buy it online? I looked up 303 Infinity's music on, Tower Records, etc and they only show one album and the song is not on there. I don't think iTunes has it, I'm at work right now so I can't check. :unsure:
If you read the info on that page DJFlowerz gave you it says the following:

After a 2 year lay-off to address family issues and new career goals, Mikel Fair and Jordan Kolar have hooked up again to continue the 303infinity music recording library. Please contact 303infinity @ We would love to hear from all of our supporters, past and present. You will be notified about new music, the new website and new clothing that will be available in the fall of 2004

You could try emailing them and asking them directly...
hello ! This is Jordan, the other half of the duo 303infinity. If you want some of these tracks or unreleased tracks, give me a shout . Feel free to e-mail me or Mike. Mike and I have some plans to put out some new tracks this year and next year as well. to read more.

Thanks for the support and I hope to hear from some of you.
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