Originally posted by dascoot@May 12 2005, 02:58 PM
The comic, is that those two pictures you have up there? You got any others?
Never mind, I'm reading your blog entries now. Tee hee!
no no, those are just fun paint drawings.
my friend and i are actually working on a real comic.
a preview is posted on the top, at the blog section.
the url is here
Yeah that's pretty badass. And when does your adoring fanbase get to see more?
well, were trying to finish the first issue.
seriously, it takes us at least 3-4 days to finish
a decent page. were planning to make a website
then feature the first issue there, then the rest
will be to make some cash. i just realized i'm now
a rookie member :]
Have a cookie, Rookie. :)

Ballpark figure on when your first issue'll be done?
June-ish. i was busy this month with like exams...and work.
so, were gonna do some more photoshoots this month,
try to finish it by june. then the website, i dunno how long
that will take.