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currently, i am multitasking, trying to think of what to write on this thing while i'm playing teenage mutant ninja turtles - turtles in time for snes. i must've beaten this game 3472847284 times..i could literally beat this game in less than 45 minutes. its true;p

anyways, ye umm.. my fave movies are: 1. indiana jones//last crusade, 2. stand by me, 3. trainspotting

fave music: anything indie/folk...

i play soccer almost everyday and am in a league. just finished indoor soccer season and since summer is starting...im back to outdoor baby.

if anyone of you have myspace, just add me. my display name is "ALDRINNN"

so thats me.
I couldn't find you on MySpace.. :what:

But hi and welcome just the same. :)
hehe, damnit. just give me ur thingy and i'll add u on myspace.
nice to meet you.
Hello and welcome!

Melissa, omg you have pac-man! I did not know this. :p
Hells yeah! And Anthony got to level 5 on like his FIRST TRY. :annoyed:
I suck at those kinds of things but still find them fun. *jealous of Amfernee* :p
Dude I'm 26 years old, was alive and old enough to have played BOTH games in their heyday, and yet only played Pac Mac for the first time 2 weeks ago. :rolleyes:

Do you know where Ms. Pac Man's available online?
Ms. Pac Man was fun too.

Melissa, how exactly have you not played pac man before 2 weeks ago?
Originally posted by Sir_Garland@May 11 2005, 09:50 AM
Ms. Pac Man was fun too.

Melissa, how exactly have you not played pac man before 2 weeks ago?
I'd watched my dad play it a million times but he never let us touch his Atari.. then I got older and just never took an interest in video games. I get stressed out too easily.
Well he gave us his old busted-ass Coleco and I played the hell outta the Smurfs game.

i dunno, but i bought this cheap thing at wal-mart, where you just plug it into ur tv and it has its own joystick thing...and it has like 4 games, mrs. pac man, that galactic game...ome mouse game and something else. stuff you've probably played when u were young...good stuff...

and no, i don't like numbers.
Oh yeah I seen those, I got one for my husband and he's all "Meh" so I stuck it in a closet.. I oughta dig that bad boy out.