Heineken and Real.com


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I've only seen it once. It's got a guy sitting at his pc listening to music and drinking. The song is a rock song with a wicked guitar riff. It's a joint add for Heineken and real.com from the Real Player people.

Anybody know the song?

Yes it's up at the Heineken website. Just click on the add for the joint promo with real.com.
If you look at the computer screen where the guy is downloading music, you can see that he's on a page for Fischerspooner's album "Emerge Remixed." Maybe it's one of those remixes from that album.
Ah thanks Michelle. You have better eyes than I. I'm dling now to see if it's the song.
kind of sounds like it... a very heavily remixed version... i can't say for sure.
Try Emerge (Naughty's Chiefrocker Remix) which, oddly enough, is not on the Emerge Remixed CD but can be found on the Freq. Beats compilation.
Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't have the sample for that song, but barnesandnoble does.

I saw the commercial and am 99% positive it's the Naughty's Chiefrocker Remix.
The song is Emerge and it is the Naughty's Cheifrocker Remix. What sucks is it doesn't seem to be out there on any of the P2P apps. All the other versions are there but not this one. Well being one who doesn't give up easily when I want something I found a little nugget that I must share with you guys for comfirming for me which version I was looking for per this thread.

Anyway here it is http://www.fuckyoucaseyspooner.com/sounds.html

That is a link to every version of emeger along with several others.

Please enjoy.
Actually, you can get the song at Real.com :blink: Just type in emerge and you'll find it :p