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hello =) I am new to the board- don't think im reposting- did a search already came up empty (though hbo searches are tricky kinda).

I was sitting down to watch 6ft under's last show of the season (usa central time) and there was a commercial with clips involving the hbo series to date. My question is what song was playing through those clips?

I believe some of the words were *i will still be there for you* or * i will still be there*

some others were * if you tell me you are something you are not - *

I think anyway... hope this isn't totally stupid on my part. I couldn't find a pen in time.

thanks =)

Do you mean you came up empty with results or didn't find anyone asking the same question? To get results with HBO, you have to add an underscore: _HBO

Can you describe the music more? Genre/type, male/female vocals...
oh thank you! thank you thank you!

next time i will add in genre etc(i was sure there was more to add i just wasn't thinking at the time). but i'm so excited someone caught it ! yay!


I did a search for a new hbo commercial song before posting this about it bc i know heads get bitten off for double posting...I didnt see it answered yet.

I just saw the new hbo commercial montage for shows like Sopranos, Six Ft Under, etc. It was slow it was a guy singing I think.

Ill watch to catch lyrics next time it comes on.
Not much to go on I know! Any clues?
I just saw this commecial a little while ago. It came on right before Family Bonds if that helps. It was a commercial advertising the HBO original series. It showed clips from Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Carnivale, etc. I was trying to memorize the lyrics of the song that was playing throughout the whole commercial so I could look them up but the only ones I managed to remember were "...watching it spin.." and the lyrics repeated the most in the song which were "..I will still be there for you". It was a man singing. If anyone could help me out, I would love it! It was a really good song. Thanks!! :D
I think it might be "World Outside" by Devlins. Check it out here. It's track one. Good luck! :)
Okay, this song has been driving me nuts, I love it, and can't seem to figure out the title or artist :(

Here are some snippets of the lyrics...

i'm looking around watching you fade ...

...I will always be there for you...

The HBO promo showcases The Sopranos, and other line-up shows, for I think Sunday? Isn't that when the Sopranos air? Don't know, I don't often watch it...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, added to the fact it would make me feel sane again. LoL
does anyone know the song in the background of hbo's commercial for their new shows like deadwood and others? it's kinda calm like coldplay or something. if you can name it or who sings it or even a few lines (cuz i forgot them and it hasn't been on all day) i would appreciate it.
If you're talking about the one in the begining of the Deadwood and a few of the newer DVd's, it's "World Outside" by the Devlins.
This is the song played while a bunch of HBO show clips (Curb your enthusiasm, Deadwood, Sapranos, etc) are mixed together. The last line used is "I will still be there for you"

Any takers?
The song may be John Butler Trio "What you Want" I think that is the October promo you are talking about
September's promo was Green Day "When Sept. ends"
And before that was "Stars" by Switchfoot
The song is "World Outside" by The Devlins.

Hope this helps,

im looking for arist/song title from and hbo promo at the beginning of curb your enthusiasm season 3 dvd box set. the lyrics go

"tell me your secret tell me your desire i will still be there for you." tell me you need it tell me somethinh your not i will still be there for you". "light up my dreams light up my skin youre so far away youre holding it in"

basically it keeps repeating "i will still be there for you" but i cant find anything under that title. its got a great bass line in it and i love the song.

please can someone help me. this is driving me crazy.
I'll take a guess ...

Did a little Googling for ya ...

Going by some of the EXACT lyrics you provided ...

The Devlins - "World Outside"

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
I have looked around for this one and can't seem to find it. The song is from an HBO commercial about their series shows, the song lyrics go..."tell me your secret...I will still be there for you". If this has already been posted and answered, sorry, but I can't seem to find it. Otherwise, please let me know of you know or have any suggestions.
Sorry, found it, it is "World Outside" by The Devlins. I had no idea how old it was. Thank you though.