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I've been searching for a song that is played during an HBO promo montage in between their features (I usually mostly watch HBO on Sundays). It starts out with a piano and eventually gets into a male vocal. (I only know about the vocal because I heard the song in a store the other day. I couldn't hear what the guy was singing and the store employee knew nothing about where the music was coming from.)
It is not the "Always On Sunday" or "Wait For You" song by Tammany Hall NYC. I am familiar with those songs but this one is different. It's been around for a while and when I originally heard it the music remeinded me of U2.
Any Ideas??
Piano melody goes:
Let me just say THANK YOU for what you said about Coldplay sounding like U2. I am U2's official #1 fan and I was shocked that I was the only one who thought Coldplay sounded like them. Both are great bands but there's no denying U2's influence..