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HBO periodically runs a promo featuring upcoming films that will be aired on both it and Cinemax, and they're visually cut to match the song. (You know, the one that ends with 'We have what other networks don't'.) The first version I saw of it featured Coldplay's "Clocks". If anyone wants or cares to remember back this far, I'm trying to find out the name of the band and the song that was featured in the promo after that one, that advertised the upcoming showings of Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets, Analyze That, Solaris, The Ring, Two Weeks Notice, Old School, Kangaroo Jack, and a bunch of other films of course. This is sad, but it's been bothering me for the better part of a year and I have looked everywhere for this song, including HBO and Cinemax online, but they're no bloody help. Anyone want to or able to relieve my angst? Thanks...
You can search our Archives for the old ads that were mentioned. You just have to remember to add an underscore in the search box to get results: _HBO

Also, be sure to change the search date to "any date." Maybe you'll find your answer in the archives.

Otherwise -- can you describe the song? Genre/type of music, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc.
It could definitely be classified as regular old rock; I would say it's a young (early to mid twenties) band - all male - kind of sing-songy guitars and a chorus that was sort of screamed. Unfortunately, I can't understand many of the words, but a couple of lines I recognized were "come together in a relative way" and "I can barely breathe". The bridge had lines that sounded like: 'It's a shame, I'm insane, it's okay, I'm insane.' I'm sure that's not actually what he's singing, but that's as close as I could get. The sound wasn't so great.
Thank you for the extra tips; I checked the archives pretty thoroughly and found nothing; but maybe I'll check again. Thanks once more!