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I have been driving myself insane trying to find the song featured in the new HBO promo in which i only remeber charlies angels 2 being featured---This song was extremely catchy and is not The Von Bondies C'mon C'mon---Im really sorry that a cant remember any lyrics but that beat was so catchy---I believe it was an 80's/late 70's rock song---it was a really fun onew too!!! please help me!!!
Did you do a search on our Forums? If not, to get any results for letters with three letters, you have to add an underscore in the search box: _HBO
I think I know which HBO spot you refer to, and I'll be as descriptive as possible. I've searched through thread after thread here, and it looks as though there are at least a couple of other posters that are seeking the same piece of music.

I watch too much HBO and have seen lots of spots. This particular one I've researched after recording it, but have hit a wall. It looks like the second spot featuring the bubbles (the effects were done by an outfit called yU+co), the it promotes the HBO summer line-up of movies and begins with Cameron Diaz walking in from the cold in a clip from Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. The spot also shows digitally "bubbled" clips from Terminator 3, Seabiscuit, Bruce Almighty, Sinbad, Johnny English, The Medallion, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Underworld, and S.W.A.T.

OK, the accompanying music: This one is <not> The Von Bondies' "C'mon C'mon" and <not> Paul van Dyk's "Time of Our Lives", though glancing at the lyrics below, one might think so without hearing it. I've listened to club remixes of the latter song; it just ain't it.

The song is up-tempo and loud with a male vocal—catchy, with a heavy beat—sounds like real drums, lots of rock guitar and piano; it's danceable, and laden with female background vocals. The start of the lyrics are something like

"Sittin' in the summer sun, biding my time..." (etc)

and the chorus says (paraphrasing)

"('Cause I have) the time of my life,
Show me some love tonight,
You know I'll treat you right,
'Cause I have the time of my life..."

It's gotta be a "real" band, as opposed to something done "for hire", but maybe not. HBO has been quizzed via e-mail; no response, but will post the answer if it comes.

G'day, and thanks in advance for other input/answers.
Does anybody know the song they use in there new spots showing what movies that you will see in august------song has lyrics like times of our lives