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In Harvey Birdman, he is put on death row and is just about to be put to death. As he was walking down the cells and being strapped to the chair, right up until the switch goes off, there is this 1960-ish type music with lyrics that went something like this.

"Maybe such a GOOD TIME to kiss!
Maybe such a GOOD TIME to dance!
Maybe such a GOOD TIME to scooby-da-boobady scooby-da-boobady scooby-da-boobady LOVE!"

If anyone knows what this song is, please let me know so I can get it out of my head!!!
Found out the episode name, it's called "Deadomutt part 2"

I hope that helps.
Have you tried emailing Adult Swim or posting to their message board about this? (They make big claims about reading all their email, as you probably know from watching their "bumper cards" between commercial breaks.)
Does anyone know the song that is played in the montage where harvey is outside of work, in the park, having his nails done, etc. It's actually filmed, not animated.
The song had horns and the singer says something like "oohwa! Mariiiia." Something along those lines.
I wanted to ask it here first before I resort to emailing Adult Swim.
Thanks if anyone can help.
i'm pretty sure that song and the tab montage song don't really exist outside the show, similar to the mc pee pants songs on aqua teen hunger force by mc chris. he said that he'd love to put those songs on albums or up for download etc, but he doesn't own the rights to them, cartoon network/adult swim does. i figure that idea applies with these songs too. but with all that, if you check on soulseek and kazaa soon for something containing, "Harvey Birdman - Blackwatch Plaid (Okay, Maria)" which is what i decided to name it, you may find what you're after. i ripped it out of the show with premiere and touched up a thing or two and gave it a nice fade out. it's a pretty small file too...you know. if it comes to something like that. only if necessary though
There's a scene in the episode of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, episode "Shaggy Busted," where Harvey goes on this little random frolic with a giant can of Tab on a beach. The background music is this funny little song that consists of a guy and girl going "la-la-la-laaaaaa" back and forth. Anyone know of it?
At the end, when the boss is making out, they play a song whose lyrics sound like "There is such a good vibe to this, there is such a good vibe to this, there is such a shoobedoobe doop, shoobedooby doop...." sounds a lot like an early 60s song, but I doubt it is.
Does anyone know the rap song that is played in the background when Harvey is in jail? It was also used in a Chappelle Show commercial.

I managed to catch a few of the lyrics from the Harvey Birdman episode. (It was Deadomutt Part 2.)
All I could hear was "nicks,dimes, quarters, whatever you need...yo I pledge allegiance to money,guns, drugs....scarface houses from eight ounces"

I'm sure the song was edited and/or cut up a bit for the show.

Any info on the song would help, I've been trying to find it ever since the episode aired.
Oh come on people! Surely someone here knows the song title. I can't believe almost a hundred people have looked at the question but haven't posted a single reply yet. This is pathetic!!

Throw me a friggin bone here.
I want to know this too!

It is also featured in a new Beer TVC in Australia...
Where a bunch of guys are testing drinking the beer in different situations...(different bands, barmaids etc..)...
there's a lot of "yo, yo, yo" and he says ezekiel somewhere after "i pledge alleigance" if that helps at all....


pretty please?
I believe the song is called "such a good night" by Paul Rothmann from the album "like a breeze"
It's the james boag ad if that helps anyone. And it's not the main song of the ad, it just pops up for about three seconds when some people are singing it.
yeah...that doesn't help at all. I've already tried a lyrics search, but no song has surfaced yet.

it'd be nice if people did more than just look at the post and possibly try to help a brother out.
At the end of "The Dabba Don" (episode 6 Season 1) of Harvey Birdman-Attorney At Law, Mr. Spryo sings a piece from the opera "I Pagliacci". Just need to know if anyone recognizes who singing... Luciano Pavarotti or Mario Lanza,etc...?
Its from the GODFATHER, but i have never been able to find the actual name of it.
If it helps the name of the piece I'm looking for is "Vesti La Giubba" from Act I of the opera I PAGLIACCI (composed by Ruggero Leoncavallo ). I don't know from the episode if its Lanzo,Caruso or maybe even Plácido Domingo. Thanks
There's this one scene in the episode "Deadomutt" when Harvey is about to get zapped on the electric chair and they play this happy music. It sounds dated, perhaps from the 60's or so, has lyrics like "goodbye kiss" and what not. Please help!
During the execution walk the song played is "It is Such a Good Night," by the Paul Rothmann, according to tv.com. Hope this helps