Guinness commercial music


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hi i was wondering whats the music in this commercial of guiness .. get it here (right click "save target as" )

the commercial is very nice .. and the song is very familiar (infact im angry with my self how i dont know this one)

this song is also in one of the formula 1 series on psx (ps1)

thanks .. i know this one will be answered

so thanks again :)
well .. ofcourse its beats-only ... but im pretty confident it was also in formula 1 (2000 or 2001) on psx , i also think fatboy slim has a remix version of "bird of prey" on those beats (but im not sure)

so that is it .. but i still dont know the song name :(

thanks for ur reply anyways :)
yes really excellent commercials

lol @ the x-cite ad ^^
I have that song somewhere. Ive gotta listen to them to find out what it is. ill get back to ya.
Kewl. I was only in the B's in my dance/techno folder and boom, it came to me. Leftfield - phat planet
thanks to both of u ^^

glad that im on this forums :)
glad i could help. also.. its a good thing you had a link to the commercial. Its difficult to help out, if Ive never seen the commercial.