Golf Channel

Yeah, I know the Band of Brothers commercial you're referring to. Here's another place it's used:

It sounds similar to some of X-Ray Dog's work, but it's not on their website anywhere. Anyhow, I sent them an e-mail to either claim it or identify it; hopefully they're feeling charitable and throw us all a bone.
Anyone know the music playing in the background of the commercial for the Golf Channel promoting the Mercedea Benz Open? Its also used on there website for the bob hope classic. Its sounds like a Hans Zimmer, something he did for maybe the movie "The Rock"?
Golf Channel 2011 Commericals

Hi everyone first post on the board!

Could anyone tell me what the name of the song for the Golf Channel's 2011 commercicals is?

I can't find it anywhere.

Here is a link to one of them.

tv commercial music

the current golf channel playoff commercial (golf bags of named players) uses instrumental music that i cannot find does anyone know the name of this piece of music. i appreciate the help